Scotland have performed a U-turn over their decision to keep the Principality Stadium's roof open for Saturday evening's Six Nation opener with Wales with it now set to be closed. 

Gregor Townsend had defended the decision to request the roof was kept open but it's understood it will now be closed due to the changing weather forecast with Scotland and Wales both agreeing to the decision. 

Wales coach Warren Gatland had said he was disappointed the roof wouldn't be shut for the match with tournament rules stating both sides have to agree to having it closed, and Scotland had made the decision to keep it open with Townsend insisting it was better to do so. 

But it will now be closed for the game, which will kick-off at 4.45pm on Saturday evening and rainfall is forecast for the match. 

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Speaking yesterday, Towsend had said: “I looked at the forecast and it looked quite nice, I’d much prefer playing with the roof open if we can.

“It’s noisier when the roof’s closed, that’s why they’re disappointed. They don’t get that (advantage).

“If the pitch is greasy it’s not great conditions, but it would be better playing in heavy rain. When we looked, it was good weather with 20 to 30 per cent chance of rain in the morning.

“I hope the weather stays dry, we want it to be a dry day.

“If that’s the case the conditions will be better because the ball does get greasy and sweaty when the roof’s closed.

“You play rugby at every other ground that doesn’t have a roof. So you play in the dry and the wet.

“If it’s a wet day it will be trickier to move the ball, but I have confidence our players can do that, or find another way to put pressure on the opposition through defence and a kicking game.

“I hope it’s rain in the morning and dry in the afternoon, but we do play in the winter in our sport so players are used to a wet ball.”