As the dust settles on another Six Nations and we pick the bones of what is another disappointing carcass, some of the talk inevitably has been about who should be coaching Scotland and whether Toony is the right man to continue to take us forward. 

Townsend has now led Scotland since 2017 and has undoubtedly presided over a once in a generation pool of talent. Hogg, Russell, the Grays, the Fagersons etc. have all played significant roles and garnered a huge number of caps on Townsend’s watch and we have seen some superb results of that there can be no doubt.

How many of us would have envisaged 4 Calcutta Cups in a row for example? But in a tournament of only 6 teams, is twice achieving a highest place finish of 3rd good enough?

A contract through to April 2026 and a sizeable pay off required is firmly on his side and this really isn’t a column getting into the nitty gritty of why he should stay or go. That’s for the SRU and their panel to decide. 

No, this is just a piece to say to the SRU that if, and it’s a big if, you bin Toony, don’t be looking down Danes Drive for his replacement. 

Scotland Rugby News: Gregor Townsend

In the early runners and riders, Franco seems to be the favourite and, in fairness, he is an outstanding candidate. Look what he’s done with a Glasgow side left in disarray. He’s nurtured and grown the players he’s inherited and not been shy about promoting youth and rewarding players with chances to show what they can do. 

He also has that experience of the international scene having been in charge of the Italians. While he didn’t have massive success at the time, he’s played a crucial role in their development of talent and they are now reaping the benefits of that. 

Franco is, by all accounts, an excellent man manager and you can see from the players that they listen to him and take in what he says and the players seem willing to run through brick walls for him. 

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But there’s another thing that worries me. He’s already on the books. Taking him across from Glasgow to Edinburgh shouldn’t, financially, prove to be a massive amount of work and it Townsend and his coaching staff have to be let go, then releasing him from his contract may be easier for the SRU than paying another club or Union. 

If, and as I said, it’s a big if, the SRU decide that Franco is their man, then it will be a significant loss to the Warriors and a hammer blow to the fans. Smith has built up a rapport with the Warrior Nation and to rip that apart would be devastating. 

Keep your hands off our Franco!