WATCH: Glasgow Warriors v Connacht Pro12 Highlights

Watch highlights of Glasgow Warriors vs Connacht in their final game of the Pro12 regular season. The only try came from Gordon Reid.

The loss means Glasgow will have to head back to The Sportsground next week to face Connacht again in the Play Off Semi Final.

What do you think of their chances? Can they retain the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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Credit: Pro12Rugby and Sky Sports

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    • I don’t think there was any doubt about Puafisi’s red card, but as usual there was plenty of doubt regarding the refereeing officials’ lack of punishment against Irish club players.
      The same Irish player came in from the side, during consecutive rucks, killing the ruck in dangerous positions, but was only given warnings. That is inconsistent with the punishment the Scottish clubs’ players are given, when playing in Ireland. A Connacht player stood on the back of a Glasgow player, when he was lying in a horizontal position near a ruck. No action! A Connacht player had Nakarawa in a headlock, and the culprit was putting plenty of weight into twisting Leone over, No action! There was plenty of doubt in a knock-on decision against Glasgow. The ball had been in Glasgow’s possession for a number of seconds, when the ball came off the ground and shot up into the air. Irish television did not show a replay of the incident from another angle. The referee was certainly not positioned to see the incident and made his decision, based on twisted logic. Action Connacht was given possession of the ball to feed a scrum. The team was under pressure, but managed to hold onto the ball and run down the clock.
      It was only a couple of weeks ago, when a mad Leinster player, McFadden, as a last line of defence, rammed a shoulder into Edinburgh Hoyland’s upper body, while he was running at top speed. There was no doubt in my mind, that it was a red card offence, McFadden should have been sent off. and a penalty try should have been awarded. Instead there was a very comical conversation between the Romanian referee and the Irish TMO. Referee “What did you see”? Sheepish TMO, obviously not wanting to give too much away at a crucial stage “It was an armless tackle. Referee “It was an armless tackle, that means it was accidental then. I will only award a penalty. No guidance or anything else from the TMO.
      After the match Mc Fadden is cited for the offence and is found guilty. He is suspended for three weeks, but Edinburgh gained very little out of the incident!
      I was so incensed I text the Leinster Facebook, and asked how much their refereeing officials were being paid. I confirmed the incident. Three people agreed with my comment and no one disagreed. One Irishman in a separate comment, text that McFadden played like a nutter.
      I have no doubt that a Glasgow Warrior fifteen will wipe the floor with Connacht, if the match is played on an even playing field, with a strong referee, and there is no Irish official involved, As soon as there is broken play, Glasgow will run the legs off Connacht,

  1. If they cut the mistakes out, manage to keep 15 on the pitch and bin Russel for Duncy we might stand a chance. His kicking game isn’t consistent enough for a game that important. Good weather should help us out as well.

  2. Will be a completely different game. Weather and wet ball did them no favours, now they know what they’re up against, Connacht are they’re for the taking, hope the occasion gets to them… And however unfair, it was a red card, they’re given in the Premiership every time, and it riles the commentators, they guys who’ve actually played the game, about time the rule was reviewed….

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