WATCH: Scotland’s Shock U20 Victory Over Australia

Here are the official highlights of Scotland’s first ever U20 victory over Australia in their opening game of the World Rugby Championship.


The result is a massive upset, especially when you consider the fact that this Australian team has bags of Super Rugby experience and beat their New Zealand counterparts just a month ago.

You can read the full match report here

Next up are the England in just 4 days time however this victory, and Scotland’s other historic win over England in this season’s U20 6 Nations, should give the players the confidence to go out there and take on the Auld Enemy.

What do you think of the win? And what about that try from Graham!

Credit: World Rugby

What do you think?


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  1. I thought that the U 20’s, with their best players, were the best team in the Six Nations. In fact, had some of their players not been called up to the Pro12, after their victory over England, I think the team would have gone on to win the trophy.
    When seeing the maturity and physicality of the Aussie players, I thought even a close defeat would be a great result. The way our lads competed in their winning performance gives me great hope that they will advance to the later stages at least.
    Their coaching staff are doing a wonderful job too.
    Often I have been critical about the refereeing officials during Scotland and the two Pro12 clubs matches. On this occasion though, the performances by both the referee and the TMO seemed to be faultless.

  2. A rugby team beat another rugby team, Why is it a shock??

    If a load of (middle aged to elderly) women who were outside the stadium selling burgers. Threw off their Tabards, jumped out of their burger vans and took to the field…. And won, now THAT would be a shock!!

    • Andrew Swan it was my attempt at humour whilst ‘venting’ at the way in which Scotland is portrayed in the media

      My point is Scotland are a great rugby nation, always have been. So why is them beating another rugby nation a shock?

      Albeit a different sport but if Germany beat Argentina at football then this wouldn’t be portrayed as a shock result. Yet these are 2 teams in the top 10 world rankings, just like the Scotland and Australia rugby sides.

      It’s always the same with Scotland though, Scotland can never win, it’s always the other side that lost. Just think back to 1990 and how England threw away ‘their’ grand slam. Or 2000, when the weather won the Calcutta Cup!

      Using the word ‘shock’ in the headline in some way discredits the great talent and work which is going into Scottish rugby

    • Bit naive Rob McGeechan! The mere fact women playing for a men’s rugby team, even without winning, would be classed as a miracle.
      Scotland a great rugby nation is over the top as well.
      These lads are doing, what no other Scotland Under 20 team has done, so of course the lads deserve much praise.

  3. Awwwww Come on ! If Gingernut hadn’t played like a Samoan with his head high tackles then you wouldn’t have beaten the full Aussie Squad. Were only just a touch better than their 14. See how you go against England shall we 🙂

    • Don’t other teams plan too, ERICA RITCH!
      From my previous comments on the Scotland Rugby News threads, I have suggested optimism for the Scottish team, but I am not surprised, that some commentators find the result a shock.
      Although, I am not shocked, I think the result was a great victory for the lads.

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