ONE YEAR ON: Coping With That Loss To Australia


It’s been a year since the huddled Scottish masses at Twickenham suffered the most agonising and unjust of defeats to the men from Down Under, care of (he who shall not be mentioned) referee Craig Joubert.

In memory of that fateful evening, regular contributor Graham Love has created a video to commemorate the loss and show how he has spent the past year dealing with it.


You can find more of his brilliant work on his Vine Channel and YouTube Channel

What do you think?


  1. I was there. With my kids. Only the 2nd time they’d seen a game live. Heartbroken..?? Totally…!! But not by our doing…! This time we won’t have a “corrupt” ref to rob us of a famous victory….

  2. It was so glorious for those few minutes that Mark Bennett almost put us in the semi final. A few English mates in London that day said it was the biggest cheers in pubs all rwc!!

  3. Maybe I will be the only one to say it but did we not actually blow it by throwing long in a wet day when a throw to the front and trundle up then touchline to run down the clock was the play ?

    The penalty came from our cock up, even if the ref made a mistake

    • Yeah poor call from lineout to go to the tail but the fact remains – Joubert got that wrong and cost us the game. Also missed tge late tackle on Hogg a few mins before which would surely have sealed it, and binned Maitland for no reason first half.

    • Euan McBurnie The late hit on Hogg is such an under discussed point. Time almost up, penalty from where his kick lands, ie near the halfway line. Means an attacking lineout deep in Australias half. Game won.
      Touch judge & the TMO who was so keen to pipe up when Maitland knocked on deserve pelters.

    • Graham Love that is what i have always remembered – the shoulder charge/ late hit on hogg – 2 penalties in one! Tmo’s normally say “check check” or something if they think that they have seen something illegal… Glen Jackson should have spoke up so he is as much of a villain as Joubert! Is there such a thing as a competent official in rugby or even sport in general??

    • Much as I’d love to blame Glen ‘my watch stops at 79 minutes and 30 seconds’ Jackson, think it was his actually his fellow countryman Bryce Lawrence who’s was TMO that day. But yeah agree completely, his silence for that was damning.

    • In reference to throwing to the tail it was a tactical decision, it had been noted throughout the game the wallabies weren’t contending the long ball at the line out. Yes in hindsight given the conditions the ball should’ve went to the front but at the time the decision was logical.

  4. Firstly I feel for the players that deserved to play in a RWC final, some of them will not get the chance again. Secondly the late tackle on Hogg should have sealed the game, if we’d had match officials doing their job properly.

  5. Selective memory is a great thing isn’t it? Re-watch that game and tell me with a straight face that the better team lost on the day. Joubert was terrible and kept Scotland in the game right til the end, that and some poor decisions by Australia. But by no way were Scotland earning that win. Joubert calls were wrong, including the many penalties he called against Australia. Joubert nearly lost that game for Australia. Scotland need to not rely on refs and failure of the opposition to win. Scotland are good enough, but in that game they simply were not. You guys are certainly a threat for the tour, and you have Australia’s respect, something that kiwis and saffas will never give you.

    • I thoroughly disagree! Scotland were the better side that day and played with a massive passion that saw them through the World Cup. The ref was the only obstacle that prevented them from getting through and for that I say SHAME

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