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Players And Supporters Say An Emotional Goodbye To Vern Cotter

Scotland fans and players have bid goodbye to Scotland’s much loved Head Coach with an outpouring of thanks and emotion at Murrayfield and on social media.

The quiet Kiwi, under whose guidance Scotland have gone on to record their most successful campaign in almost two decades, had his last game in charge yesterday and was sent off in style thanks to the side’s 29-0 victory over Italy.

Watch Captain John Barclay Thanking Vern

Watch Graham Love’s Tribute To Vern

Former Players Weighed In

Not To Mention The First Minister


And The Fans



What did you think of the send off? Will you miss Vern? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. As far as I am aware, the SRU treated Vern poorly. He wanted to stay, but GT wanted the job or he’d be off. GT should have spent time elsewhere, either England, France or the Southern Hemisphere to hone his skills more. Vern should have taken Scotland to the next World Cup and then Gregor should have taken over, a better, more experienced coach.

  2. Townsend should have come in as his assistant through the next World Cup and taken the reins from there. Thanks Vern, you have got Murrayfield bouncing once more

  3. I will miss Vern he brought the team forward an we came on leaps and bounds with him I wish him and all the staff that going with especially Nathan Hines all the best for the future and hope we see them in the future maybe at Glasgow or Edinburgh one day??

  4. Gutted Vern’s gone an awesome talented, inspirational man. Vern you are a absolute gentleman and deserve the world. You turned our team around and gave them belief, pride and fire. Scotland you should have kept this Man. Gregor if you don’t produce the goods quickly well you will have all the weight on your shoulders of one Nation. Miss you already Vern!

  5. It was an emotional day yesterday for sure. ..Vern done a fine job bringing us to where we are today and I couldn’t thank him enough. ..I feel so proud of our team and I’m sure Gregor will bring his own enthusiasm to the game we all love..Thanks Vern for all you have done.

  6. We are not going to get a coach like vern again anytime soon. He has brought those players so far and they now believe in themselves as a team. They work hard together and it’s all down to vern. Gregor is not the right man at the moment for Murrayfield. He needs far more experience elsewhere before heading our national team. SRU have made a huge mistake in letting vern go he should of been with the team for a good few seasons yet. Good luck to vern in his new role but he will be sadly missed xx

  7. A big mistake ,he should never been treated that way.He put the ruggar back into the the team.I hope you do not have to regret your mistake.Good Luck Vern,will miss you greatly

  8. Can’t believe he was forced to go. He wanted to stay, the players wanted him to stay, we wanted him to stay. Such a shame. Never been prouder of a sports team than of the current Scotland squad! #asone

  9. Was sad to see Vern Cotter go SRU should have done more to keep him would like to wish him all the best in his new job we are going to miss him

  10. Big thanks to VC for making us an entertaining, enterprising rugby nation again. After a difficult start, to get us to within seconds of a semi final place at the RWC, building belief from those one point losses to get us to 5th in the world is a huge achievement. What a legacy GT is inheriting. Let’s give him a chance but it has beendown to Vern and his team’s hard work and passion.

  11. SRU you have made a BIG MISTAKE. As a Glasgow Warriors supporter I have a lot of respect for Gregor but just not sure he can follow in foot steps of Vern, hope I’m wrong for the sake of Scotland team whom Vern has done so much for.

  12. VC has done a great job – and should be proud, bet he had a great time turning round a dispirited team and nation into this strong believable side- Gregor Townsend better fill his boots – Scotland will not forgive or forget if he mucks this up #verncotter #asone

    • Vern would not have had the success he’s had without the tremendous job GT has done with Glasgow Warriors winning the Pro 12 & getting to the Champions Cup quarter final. The vast majority of the current Scotland squad are Warriors. GT deserves more credit & I’m sure he will take Scotland forward to another level. Vern has been great but looking forward to GT reign.

  13. He has done ok but GT will move the team to the next level. Vern unable to win away from home and the displays against England was a disgrace. Yes its the players on the pitch but Part of it is down to game plan and motivation. Rabbits in headlights and that Verns fault as far as I am concerned. I don’t think you will see that from a GT team. Did a job but onward and upward

    • Well not getting humped by 40 points for a start and with a young team in the whole developed at club level by GT. Vern 2 years ago lost all 5 games in 6N. Last year won 2. With a home loss to England and again the performance was shocking as Vern style of motivation fails to get the best from the players in the big games. Yes progress but GT will win something. Calcutta, Triple, Championship. That would be next level in most people eyes.

  14. Great man. Wish him all the best. Scotland has lost its best coach for decades. Hope Gregor Townsend can take over and make improvements, but it’s going to take one hell of a job to do better than Vern Cotter.

  15. What a huge mistake to let go of a coach who made Scotland competitive again. Murrayfield showed how much both the players & fans appreciated his efforts even if the SRU didn’t – let’s hope this isn’t a decision they live to regret. All the very best to Vern & his team, you will be missed x

  16. Hansen – Gained experience overseas. Chieka – Gained experience overseas. Jones – Gained experience overseas. Schmidt- Gained experience overseas. Gatland – Gained experience overseas. Cotter – Gained experience overseas.

    Townsend ? Scotland attack coach Glasgow coach – 1 European Cup QF.

    Yes he played in France and Super Rugby but should let home go overseas for 2-3 years and develop his skills and experience.

    Risk that he would not come back ? Yep. Always there but that would mean he has been a success.

    Short term panic decision making by SRU – perhaps Dodson and Johnson did not have confidence going into AI and 6N

    Big Vern will be missed and you could see what if meant to him yesterday

  17. he brought a more knitted team together – apart from the one exception – the Scottish defence was a tower of strength – our attack was superb and grasped every opportunity when it came along – but midfield stopping the attackers along with our backs and setting up our wingers – it can go on – but basically – he brought belief back to the Scotland team and it showed – thanks so much Vern – we will miss that impassive face – which lovingly broke yesterday – have a great life wherever you go – thanks again – a Scotland fan

  18. I think it’s a mistake to let vern go. Wat he has done for the national team. And fact he has over 50% win ratio. Time will tell but I am sad to c him go as I say.

    • He’s not being gotten rid of Paul. It’s what was decided when he took the job. He would only stay for a limited time/number of games. But he has put the team and backroom staff in a brilliant position to carry on from here. Fingers crossed Gregor Townsend will carry on the great work. Thanks Big Vern.

  19. The man has given our nation hope again. Made us a top team & I hope toony can carry on where Vern left off. Good luck to him in France & take pride in what u did for Scottish rugby

  20. Congratulations to the SRU for seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. Vern is a truly outstanding coach who understood Scottish rugby and its players. He has turned us from pathetic losers to a group of players who could have impacted on RWC 2019. So the SRU bring in Toonie who with the best will in the world has no international experience other than his dreadful spell as attack coach. SRU couldn’t even shoot themselves in the foot. THEY WOULD MISS

  21. Scotland learn from what this man has spent 3 seasons getting you to this point. No need for the new group to reinvent the wheel just build on top of the great foundations laid and you will be fine. What I witnessed yesterday and throughout the 6 Nations campaign was the respect and love from the supporters to the team and from the team to the supporters. A very rare thing in today’s sporting world. In an ideal world vc would be staying on an Gregor becoming part of his team to then hand on after the RWC in 2019. For whatever reason this has not happened but the deal is done. Thank You Scotland rugby for the last 2 months it’s been an incredible ride.

  22. Scotland gave Vern the best send off this season. They played with pride and fire
    All the best for your future and thank you for giving us a team that we believe in #Asone

  23. Shouldn,t be letting him go, just hope its not a backward step, Gregor was a great player and has hopefully learnt from Vern, but is there a successful homegrown coach in the Northern Hemisphere, they bring something different.

  24. Let’s see what happen during the summer tour and winter tests… I predict that Scotland will just revert back to type… back to 8/9 on the world rankings….

  25. It is totally wrong to be letting Vern go this early in our transformation. Gregor should have either had a stint as Vern’s assistant or go abroad and work with some bigger teams. I am concerned about his lack of experience. The biggest thing to come out of this is how badly the board are treating Vern, Gregor, the team and the supporters. We need a change of board not head coach

  26. Why is it everyone except the SRU can see what a mistake they have made letting Vern go. I don’t think Gregor is ready yet albeit he’s done wonders for Glasgow. I joined Vern yesterday with a tear in my eye. Our very best wishes to you Vern and Thank you for developing a better Scotland team

  27. Just as we turned the corner. Whatever the reason for collapse against England this year, the team proved they could come back, unlike recent years. Felt sorry for Vern, but his work shouldn’t be forgotten. GT wasn’t exactly best in backroom team, but did play with passion and pride in his day, & isn’t doing too bad at the moment

  28. What does Sturgeon mean onwards and upwards. Where better could he be than in Scotland. She’s a bigger roaster every time she opens her mouth.

    Big thanks to Vern. Haste ye back?!?!?

  29. Not a huge Rugby Follower but what a pity to see someone who has been so devoted to putting some heart back into the Scottish Team only to be dismissed!?! Vern Cotter gave his ‘heart and soul’ to a team that believed in him? To me, this is a person who should be retained!

  30. Really, really disappointed Scottish Rugby has let Vern Cotter go. He did so much in his time in charge, that was positive and encouraging. Hope Gregor Townsend is able to build on Vern Cotter’s foundations. All the best, Mr. Cotter, and thank you for what you have done for Scotland’s Rugby team.

  31. Vern Cotter Haven’t witnessed such heart felt emotion from Scottish Rugby fans or players in many a year. Thank you Sir, you did a fantastic job & you will be greatly missed.

    • Agreed, but don’t know if it was Vern’s choice to move back to France or not. But by far the best coach that Scotland rugby team has had for a long time, always thought Sean Linean would have been Scotland’s coach sometime.

  32. If it’s true GT forced the SRU’s hand & they didn’t have the [email protected]@@s to decide what is best for Scotland … then GT has to prove his worth from the start – the Autumn internationals 2017 …. the bar is high … 122 points + 14 tries in 6N2017, #5 in World Rankings – seeded for WC2019.

  33. Vern Cotter, you will be sorely missed! You have done an amazing job with our team and you must be so proud of how far you’ve taken Scotland forward. We wish you all the best and know that our hearts are heavy to see you go. You’ve been a rock, an inspiration and loved by many! We will miss you dearly and hope you do well in your future. Slainte mhath my friend x

  34. Well done you, you will be missed, but what you have achieved will never been forgotten by the fans, and more importantly by the Players and Staff, many, many thanks

  35. Hate when politics gets in the way! But well done Vern you have give us a team with so much promise! Sad to see you go!! Hope all your hard work doesn’t go to waste!!!

  36. Ridiculous decision by the so called SRS Chiefs, what does a man have to do to keep his job. Obviously looking for a yes man. Wish Vern all the very best and thank you so much for dragging us from the pits to a nation to be proud of again. I feel sorry for Gregor as he has got a massive hill to climb and will be compared to Vern every time he makes a decision.

  37. Can’t understand why they are letting this man go he has been brilliant for Murrayfield it was a delight to watch Scotland playing under Vern I can’t see GT bringing Scotland on get Vern back x

  38. Firstly, a major thanks to VC, and I wish him all the best. He’s done wonders and achieved brilliant things with the Scotland team, bowing out with the most successful stats, the highest finish to a RWC in the pro-era, and the most wins in a 6N (this year). This is a wonderful run, and it is a pity to see him go. I do think though that it would be not helpful to blame GT for this – I’ve seen nothing to suggest GT gave the SRU an ultimatum, and it would be pretty stupid of him to do so. Whatever happened, this 6N has made the usually immensely hard Scotland job coach much harder for GT in the future.

  39. I thought the Scottish team came on leaps and bounds under his stewardship, self belief and expectation plus a great team spirit. I believe that the SRU were extremely short sighted in how they treated him, he had so much more to give and the improvement would have kept on coming had he remained. Gregor should have come in as undertaker in order to keep the momentum going. Sadly, we will never know now. P.D.

  40. Vern Cotter has done a fantastic job…. devastated he’s leaving, and the SRU should be absolutely ashamed of themselves that there has not even been one message of thanks from any of them.
    We’ll miss you Stern Vern

  41. Vern has done a fantastic job with the Scotland team. We’re not the finished article but we’re so much better as a team. I’d love to have seen him stay and take the team to the next level. I can only wish him well, whatever he does next.

  42. Bloody disgraceful, embarrassed to be a Scot right now, I call it SRU shitting in your own nest ! What other country has sacked a coach for improving their performance? SRU are a bunch of Dunderheids !

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