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      One of the most prevalent means Saudi Arabia Phone Number List of modern communication is electronic mail (e-mail); the ability to send messages from one person to recipients via the computer. This media has been widely abused Saudi Arabia Phone Number List and misused with the largest blame going to lack of information of things to avoid when using email. There are things that people do while using this facility that drive the bulk of the recipients up the wall. Saudi Arabia Phone Number List There are hundreds of does and don’ts hence in this Saudi Arabia Phone Number List article I single out a few crucial issues pertaining to email usage. I have used emails for over a decade.

      Open emails speedily and respond – It is very frustrating to send emails and not get Saudi Arabia Phone Number List a single response. One will begin to wonder if the emails did even go through or they are simply delayed. Responding to an email is not necessary to confirm that you have Saudi Arabia Phone Number List read all attachments etc. You can respond to simply communicate that you have received and you will read in greater detail at a later time. It Saudi Arabia Phone Number List gives the sender a peace of mind. While I am encouraging you to open emails speedily, exercise caution on suspicious subjects and attachments lest your machine Saudi Arabia Phone Number List gets to be infected with viruses.

      Be clear what you want to communicate – Long winding emails never get the attention of the reader. Get to the point quicker to ensure people read and understand your Saudi Arabia Phone Number List point with the least amount of words. I am not advocating that you begin to use slang and shorthand on email. People have just become busy owing to increase in demands in the workplace and life in general. Your subject should match what you have in the message body and attachment. Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Avoid deceiving people through enticing subject and body text yet the attachment falls short of expectations.

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      Ron Blade

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