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      Another year, another losing start.

      But it wasn’t all bad news. Scotland played infinitely better than they did against the same side at the Rugby World Cup in Japan and put Andy Farrell’s men under a lot of pressure.

      The defence certainly seemed much better, but the attack was somewhat blunt and it was surprising not to see us cross the whitewash.

      So how can we improve for England next Saturday? Are there any changes you think Toonie should make? And what do you think of our chances?

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        What a frustrating game eh? Really should have done more with the ball we had. I lost count of how many times we lost the ball in Ireland’s 22. I think Russell had a pretty good game, considering, but we missed Finn and Darcy out there. Without those two we lose a lot of our attacking threat.

        Anyone know when Graham’s due back?

        Wasn’t sure about Haining. Didn’t have a bad game, but I thought CdP looked good when he came on. Would like to see him start next week.

        George Horne also added some real spark to the attack when he came on, so again a change there would be good.

        My issue is the centres. Admittedly it was a forward dominated game, but I’d have liked to have seen a few more get out to Jones. Johnson looked a little slow in attack and should have made some more of his breaks. So I’d bring Hutchinson in.

        Not sure about next week. England will be a wounded animal and will want to make amends for their poor showing today in Paris. I fear that lighting can’t strike 3x, so think it might be a loss. But who knows. We just need to take our chances more and control the game from the boot to get into good positions.

        There’s a lot to be learnt from how France played today. They put England under a huge amount of pressure and their line defence was ferocious. If we can get in their faces and force mistakes, then we know this England team might struggle.

        Fingers crossed!

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