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      Accounting software like QuickBooks Online makes reconciliation a breeze. This simplicity of usage can occasionally lead to an error, requiring you to undo the reconciliation. Let’s look at four common reasons why you might need to Undo Bank Reconciliation in Quickbooks Online.

      The bank didn’t actually clear the transaction. On the reconciliation screen, QuickBooks Online will automatically cross off transactions that have been entered or matched utilising the bank feed feature. If your filters aren’t set up correctly, you can reconcile a transaction that didn’t actually clear the bank during the statement period, producing issues in subsequent months. Another common blunder is checking the wrong transaction during the reconciliation process when there are multiple transactions on the books for the same amount. When the same transaction appears to clear a second time in the future months, this will cause complications.
      Something wasn’t quite right about the transaction. Sometimes you realise after reconciliation that something about the reconciled transaction was inaccurate, whether it was the vendor’s name, the category the transaction was posted to, or the date of the transaction. Although much of this information can be changed without affecting the reconciliation, you may want to undo the reconciliation so that your reconciliation reports reflect proper data. If you need to update the transaction’s date, you’ll have to undo the reconciliation process.
      A transfer was used to record an expense. QuickBooks Online’s programming will occasionally propose entering a transaction as a transfer and sending it to an account labelled “Uncategorized Asset” in an attempt to help business owners enter transactions more quickly. Unfortunately, this is never the case, and there’s no way to reclassify a transfer that should have been recorded as an expense. You’ll have to reverse the reconciliation, erase the transfer, and then properly input the expense.
      Fixing the account for reconciliation discrepancies. All QuickBooks products will generate a Reconciliation Discrepancies account, which users can use to submit any differences between a statement amount and what has been cleared in QuickBooks. The Reconciliation Discrepancies account should be utilised only in exceptional circumstances, if at all, and any balance in this account should be evaluated and corrected. Undo and redo the reconciliation to correct a balance in the Reconciliation Discrepancies account.

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      In Simple language.
      You can Undo Bank Reconciliation in Quickbooks Online for the following reasons which listed below:

      – The payment was recorded for the incorrect date.

      – The bank reconciliation was compelled, and the errors must be corrected in a specific order.

      – The date on your bank statement is incorrect.

      – The transaction is unclear.

      Jimmy Wick


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