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      Any internal hardware error or issues with the motherboard can trigger the Epson WF 4630 error code 0x97. Here’s how you can fix the error and ensure the continued functioning of the printer:

      Turn off your printer and disconnect the power adapter of the printer from the electric socket.
      Open the printer access door and check if there is any jammed paper (s) inside.
      If there is any jammed paper, grab it using both hands and remove it gently.
      Ensure that no paper traces are left inside.
      Now, remove the printhead from its slot and keep it aside.
      Dip a clean cloth into lukewarm water and remove the excess water.
      Use the wet cloth to clean the printhead and then fix the printhead back to its actual position.

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      Troubleshooting Methods for fix Error Code 0x97:

      1. Disconnect Everything from the Printer
      Before you proceed, you need to cancel any print task and take out all paper jams from your printer. This method is relatively easy and may work for you, depending on the cause of the error. After removing all paper jams, disconnect every cable connected to the printer. They include USB cords, cable wires, and power cords, as well as ink cartridges.

      Press and hold the printer’s Power button for 1 minute. Then, plug back everything, including reinstalling the Epson ink cartridges into their respective slots. Push the Power button and turn on your printer then conduct a test print. Find out if there are any changes. If the Epson 0x97 persists or if it returned after a few pages of printing, proceed to troubleshoot method 2.

      2. Reset your Printer
      This troubleshooting technique is virtually similar to the first one. You have to disconnect all your printer’s cables. Allow your printer to rest for about five minutes before you proceed. Then, press and hold the Power button for 1 minute. Continue pressing and holding the Power button while you reconnect every cable back. You may need another person’s help with this method.

      Press and hold the Power button once more for 1 minute and then release. Conduct a test print to find out if there are any improvements. If the Epson printer error code 0x97 still lingers, then the last method may be the solution.

      3. Clean the Print Head
      There are times when a dirty and clogged printhead is the culprit behind an Epson 0x97 error. If this is the case, the solution would be to clean the printhead thoroughly. Here are the steps in cleaning an Epson printer’s printhead:

      Step 1 – Remove each ink cartridge one by one from the printhead. Place the ink cartridges (in inverted position) on top of a clean paper or towel. Then, carefully remove the printhead from the printer.

      Step 2 – Wipe the bottom of the printhead thoroughly using a clean, lint-free cloth damped in warm water. Keep on cleaning the nozzle area until there’s no more black ink sticking on the fabric.

      Step 3 – Soak the printhead in a bowl with warm water for 10 minutes. Do not use boiled water. Put a clean paper towel at the base and let the printhead rest above it while soaking. Take out the printhead from the bowl, and carefully wipe off any water and moisture using a dry lint-free cloth.

      Step 4 – Place the printhead on top of a paper towel and allow it to air-dry for 15 minutes. Then, insert the printhead back into the carriage and reinstall all the cartridges into their respective slots. Turn on your printer and see if there are any changes.

      Hope this helps.

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