Sam Johnson: 6/10 (31/33)

A cool hand, if unspectacular. A couple of years ago you wouldn’t have found a soul who would have predicated Johnson at this World Cup. But following a great year for the Warriors he stormed onto the international scene seemingly out of nowhere. He plays with a real maturity and rarely makes mistakes in either defence or attack. But he’s another player who just never quite found his stride in this tournament. Across 3 games, he only made 16 runs for just a 35 meter return. Compare that to a Steyn (148 meters), Parkes (131 meters), Beale (108) or a Fickou (81) and doesn’t look so good. Hopefully we’ll see more of what he can do in the 6 Nations.


Written by James Maclean

James is an experienced Writer and Creative Director with a passion for Scottish rugby and a never ending capacity for sporting optimism.


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