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Tips To Make The Most Of Your Coffee Maker

If you are having a coffee maker at home, or even just consider buying one, it is undoubtedly the best decision you’ve made. With coffee makers, you can always have freshly brewed coffee at home, whenever you want.

However, are you getting the most out of your coffee maker? While the majority of the time you will get flavorful cups of coffee, there are times that you wonder what went wrong with your brew. Get ready to dive in. In this article, we break down some simple tips to help you perfect the use of your coffee maker.

Tips to improve the quality of your home brewed coffee

1. Use good coffee beans

It’s a simple yet all-time efficient tip to use good coffee beans. The better the coffee ground, the better the brewed coffee. Besides, every coffee expert will recommend this as freshly ground coffee will offer the richest and most tasty cups of coffee. Pre-ground coffee loses its flavors quickly as it exposes more to the air while whole beans retain their flavor much longer.

This is why top rated coffee maker come with a grinder as a 2-in-1 device for convenience yet still offering decent brews.


2. Brew at the right temperature

Do you know that water temperature is essential when it comes to brewing good coffee? According to many experts, the ideal brewing temperature is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction. While cold water will result in under-extracted coffee with flat and flavorless taste, water that is too hot can also turn the coffee into sludge.

Hence, if you are new to the coffee maker field, the recommended coffee makers often come with manual temperature adjustment so you can easily have control over the right temperature.

3. Use the right water

While often being overlooked, the quality and type of water you use for coffee brewing can affect the quality of your coffee. Keep in mind that water is the second ingredient to all your coffee recipes, aside from coffee grounds. Hence, wrong water can lead to bad taste, even if you use the best coffee makers. Too hard like distilled water and your coffee will be heavy, too soft like water full of minerals and the taste will be sour and flat.

So what should you use? Try to find out the type of water in the area that you are living, and buy coffee beans that are compatible with that water type.

4. Don’t leave it on the warming plate too long

Most good coffee pots come with a warming plate to keep your coffee warm even after the brew is done. This will come handy when you brew a whole pot of coffee and prefer piping hot coffee for a refill. However, if you leave the coffee on the warmer for too long, the plate continuously applies the heat to the coffee. Hence, it gets thicker and turns into sludge as time goes by. The result will be a bitter coffee.

This is why some of the best coffee maker brands produce coffee makers with a thermal carafe which can keep your coffee warm without burning it.


5. Keep it clean always

Even the best coffee maker will require good and regular clean. By keeping it clean, you will not only have a long-lasting device but also perfectly brewed coffee. Don’t let mold and residue buildup inside the coffee maker ruin your coffee.


We hope this article can help guide you to improve your brewing experience with your coffee maker. With these simple tips, even your budget-friendly coffee machine can brew a perfect cup with artisanal flavor.


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