Former Wales and Lions captain Sam Warburton has accused two senior members of the Scotland rugby team who turned up to an after-match event in their full match-day kit, wearing flip-flops and swigging beer from a can of being ‘dead arrogant.’

Warburton said he did not want to ‘throw the players under the bus’ by naming them or the game against Wales that they won after which the incident took place. 

He said their behaviour was ‘shocking from a cultural perspective’ and wasn’t the sort of mindset players in Six Nations challenging teams would ever have.

Scotland beat Wales in Cardiff in this year’s Six Nations and at Murrayfield twelve months ago.

The time before that they beat the Welsh was in 2020 in Llanelli but that was a behind closed doors game due to Covid restrictions. There were no fans allowed into the stadium and there were no post-match functions.

The Welsh rugby legend, speaking on the BBC Five Live Rugby Union Daily podcast hosted by BBC rugby correspondent Chris Jones, said : "I am not going to throw these two players under the bus so they will remain anonymous but they were two senior players in the Scotland team at the moment who were in a post match function and I was just like minding my own business and two Scottish players came in after a game, after a really good win.

"I remember watching it and in my head I thought it was shocking from a cultural perspective. They came in, beers in their hands, still in their kit, flip flops on given it the big one.

"Bear in mind this was over just one win and they were doing this Q and A and I thought they were really arrogant. I'll be honest. I thought it was dead arrogant.

"I was watching thinking, that's how I would celebrate winning a World Cup. I just thought if I was coach or if I was to play then that I would be saying, ‘is that your standard?'

"Are you celebrating that win over what was a reasonable Wales team? I am just thinking culturally I thought that was bad. 

Scotland Rugby News:

"As a player with Wales we'll celebrate if we win the championship, we can do whatever we want. What I saw that with Scotland I'm thinking, that's not the mindset of a championship team. I don't want to sound too negative but I just think if you want to be truly elite you have to really act as if you are elite. I think maybe it's a cultural thing."

Immediately in response former England international Ugo Monye said on the same podcast: "You’re spot on Warbs (Sam Warburton) and you saying it brings so much more validity than me saying it because you've gone back to back Six Nations, you've captured your country with distinction. 

"And when I say it is like I’m just bitter English but everything you've said is everything that I've experienced. I know I've joked in the past before that if they (Scotland) beat England they have a bank holiday but every joke is half a truth. That's how I feel, that's the energy that I get from Scotland and they get too excited too quickly.

"I am trying to think what is this based upon? Is this based upon this history of like dominating this tournament or having won it a few times but it’s (based on) nothing. I just keep getting fed this message of this golden generation of all this and that.

"And by the way, we've patted Scotland on the back after they beat England. We’re like, ‘I'm jealous of this, what an atmosphere, I love Duhan van der Merwe with his hat-trick'. We give them their praise when it is due but for too long Scotland have under delivered.”